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The Frank Lloyld Wright Gordon House
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Gordon House Conservancy Mission Statement
To educate the public on Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural approach and principles of organic architecture by preserving Frank Lloyd Wright’s only design built in Oregon.

Intent of Historical Interpretation: The full experience that represents a home, the relationship of landscape to the natural surrounds, and interior representation shall be provided. Interpretation shall further the understanding of Frank Lloyd Wright’s holistic approach. Design year to be represented shall be 1964 when the Gordon House was completed.

The Gordon House shall be restored as a house museum with adaptive reuse as required to accommodate the public. Exhibits shall include a permanent, though selective, collection reflecting the Gordons’ lifestyle, together with educational exhibits illustrating Frank Lloyd Wright’s body of work and continuing influence, particularly from the Usonian period.

Tenative Date for $5 admission for Frank Lloyd Wrights's Birthday is June 2022

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