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The Salem Youth Symphony Association fosters the talents of dedicated young musicians by providing them with the opportunity to develop a deeper appreciation of orchestral music, enhance their performance skills, and contribute to the community through their musical expression.
Salem Youth Symphony provides four levels of orchestral experience geared for youth throughout age twenty-two.
Mozart Players
Mozart Players is a non-audition, preparatory string ensemble co-directed by Deborah Barber and Rachael Anderson. Mozart Players engages primarily students in grades 4-7. Teacher recommendation is required for first time Mozart Players.
Amadeus Players
Amadeus Players is a mid-level string ensemble conducted by Rachael Anderson. Amadeus engages primarily students in grades 5-9. Audition required.
Philharmonia is an advanced full symphony orchestra conducted by Danny Hunt. Philharmonia comprises talented student musicians who want to develop orchestral performance skills for advancement into Youth Symphony.
Youth Symphony
Youth Symphony is the premier full symphony orchestra conducted by Musical Director Jon Harris-Clippinger. Youth Symphony comprises the most talented and dedicated student musicians through age 22.

Participation provides young musicians with opportunities to advance their musical experience by:
Building their repertoire of orchestral works
Performing in a full symphony orchestra
Sharing music with the community
Enhancing confidence, self-esteem and discipline
Refining skills with sectional coaches who are professional musicians

Public, private, and home school students through 22 years old are welcome to audition!
Auditions are held in September, January and June each year.
Audition music can be found HERE.
More information about Auditions can be found HERE.
Salem Youth Symphony, in support of public and private school music programs, requires students to be enrolled in a musical ensemble offered at their school for their instrument.

Contact Information:
Kami Hettwer, Executive Director

Salem Youth Symphony
PO Box 1113
Salem, OR 97308

Phone: 503.485.2244

2023-2024 Season • Play and Be Heard • Season 69

Kami Hettwer, Executive Director

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