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Marion Polk Food Share’s Mission
Marion Polk Food Share’s mission is to bring people together to end hunger and its root causes.

We distribute nutritious food for individuals and families to more than 100 local partners, including food pantries and meal sites, and deliver Meals on Wheels to homebound seniors and adults with disabilities. We operate an urban farm and support a network of community gardens that connect people and their food, and mobilize community members to address systemic issues that lead to hunger.

Thousands of local volunteers, advocates and donors bring our mission to life every day.

Equity Statement and Call to Action
Marion Polk Food Share’s mission is to bring people together to end hunger and its root causes. We believe that food is a human right and that everyone deserves to have nutritious and culturally relevant food.  We recognize that systemic oppression is a root cause of hunger. Injustices including racism, sexism, ageism, and other forms of oppression create inequity and are major contributors to poverty. Our commitment to ending hunger means we must understand and challenge the systems that unjustly and disproportionately impact marginalized communities.

Because we cannot end hunger without addressing its root causes, the Food Share embraces the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. We carry these as core values of our work and culture by:

Striving to raise the voices of and be led by people with lived experience of systemic oppression and food insecurity.
Using an equity lens to influence decision-making, address disparities in services and undo the effects of systemic inequity throughout our organization.
Building partnerships with and advocating alongside groups focused on social and racial justice, poverty, and other forms of oppression.

Our Sponsors

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