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About Us
The mission of ACMP - Associated Chamber Music Players - is to stimulate and expand the playing of chamber music for pleasure among musicians worldwide, of all backgrounds, ages and skill levels, by connecting people and supporting chamber music activities for individuals, groups and institutions.

Watch a video about ACMP and its joyous mission from The New York Times!

Since the organization began 75 years ago, ACMP has helped chamber music players to find one another to share and play music together. More than 2,500 members come from every part of the world and share one interest: the love of making music with others. Since the ACMP Foundation was founded in the 1990s, ACMP has contributed more than four million dollars to support programs for adult amateur players and community-based chamber music education programs for young musicians and others.

Find Players - the Chamber Music Network

The ACMP Directory - in print or "Find Players" on our website - allows musicians to find other by geographic region, instrument, and playing-level. Creating a network of players is at the heart of what ACMP does. (Please note that use of the print or online directory for marketing and promotional purposes, including for workshops, publications, and events, is not permitted.)

Grant Making

Our four different grant programs, including Community Music Grants, Chamber Music Workshop grants, Home Coaching for ACMP members, and Just Play micro-grants, promote, enrich, and encourage the playing of chamber music now and for the future.

ACMP also supports organizations through sponsorship and awards, including the From the Top on NPR ACMP Young Ensembles Program; the Helen Rice Award and the Susan MacIntosh Lloyd Award for Excellence in Chamber Music Education and Diversity. Recent award recipients include the Sphinx Organization, Detroit, MI, and the Preucil School of Music, Iowa City, IOWA.

Member discount program

Whether subscribing to music publications, purchasing sheet music, instrument accessories, or instrument insurance, ACMP’s member discount program helps members find what they need.

Chamber Music Workshops

The ACMP website offers a comprehensive searchable database of chamber music workshops, adult amateur music conferences and musical vacations worldwide, available to members here.

The Worldwide Play-In Weekend

The Worldwide Play-In Weekend is ACMP’s annual effort to circle the globe with chamber music. ACMP members and others plan events large and small during the first full weekend in March where players gather and read music for pleasure.

A wealth of online resources

An extensive variety of online resources helps all chamber music players in their endeavors. From our extensive chamber music database containing more than 200,000 pieces of music, to ACMP publications to links to external sites and organizations providing services, ACMP provides a wealth of chamber music information.

Our website and YouTube channel have also feature a number of fun and informative live-stream chamber music masterclasses with some of today's most exciting young ensembles: the Jasper Quartet, the Publiq Quartet and Imani Winds.

Newsletter and Updates Bulletin

The ACMP newsletter archive is available on our website and includes all newsletters published from 2019 until the final issue in June, 2019. The shorter Updates bulletins replace the newsletter and are available through email and on our website. The Updates bulletin contains news and updates about ACMP programs, our members, and chamber music activities they are engaged in.

News and Updates

Our News in Brief blog feature stories of interest to the chamber music community

Our Sponsors

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