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Sunday, November 17  3 pm  A Leonard Bernstein Celebration

Tuesday, December 24  12 noon Tuba Holiday

Sunday, January 26  3 pm Tales of Sorcery

Sunday, March 15  3 pm Walczyk: Symphony No. 5 – Freedom From Fear

Sunday, May 17  3 pm  de Meij: Symphony No. 3 – Planet Earth



The Salem Symphonic Winds will celebrate Bernstein’s centennial with a performance of some of his most beloved works. Leonard Bernstein excelled as a composer, conductor, author, music lecturer and pianist. As a composer he wrote in many styles, including symphonic and orchestral music, film, opera, musical theatre and more. In this program we offer a sampling of his work in a diverse medium.

His first symphony was based on the Biblical story of the prophet Jeremiah, who warned his people of the coming destruction of Jerusalem. He was mocked by them for it and lamented when it came to pass. Profanation is the second movement, a scherzo which dramatizes the savage mockery that Jeremiah experiences from the priests of the Temple of Solomon when he warns them that their corrupt ways will bring about its destruction. Its opening liturgical melody evolves into a chaotic pagan celebration.

Bernstein’s operetta Candide is based on the French philosopher Voltaire’s satirical 1759 novella of the same name. The work follows Candide through a series of traumas that lead him from unbridled optimism to a resolution to focus on cultivation of his garden. The Candide Suite includes five movements representing his evolution: The Best of All Possible WorldsWesphalia Chorale and Battle Music, Auto-da-feGlitter and Be Gay and Make Our Garden Grow.

Bernstein wrote his only film score for the 1954 crime drama On the Waterfront, starring Marlon Brando, Karl Malden, Lee J. Cobb, Rod Steiger and Eva Marie Saint. He was frustrated about how much of his writing was a victim of editing in the cutting room. His response was to create a suite representing the best of his scoring for the film — Suite from On The Waterfront.

The Symphonic Dances from West Side Story represent Bernstein’s consummate composition for musical theatre. They refine the power and drama of the musical to a magnificent 24-minute suite.

Bernstein was an American treasure. We are thrilled to share with you a sampling of the riches of his compositional legacy.



 Music has the power to transport us to magical places! This concert explores music that has ignited the imagination of audiences for generations.

The Piano Concerto in A Minor, Opus 16 by Edvard Grieg is one of his most popular works and among the most popular piano concerti ever written. Its power and lyricism transport audiences to the fjords of Norway through folk dances of his native country. Our piano soloist, Crystal Zimmerman, thrilled the audience in our performance of Tolga Kashif’s The Queen Symphony. She is back to bring the magic of Edvard Grieg’s concerto to its full potential. Buckle your seatbelts for a life changing performance of this beautiful piano concerto!

French composer Paul Dukas brought to life the story of a young apprentice to a powerful sorcerer in his programmatic work, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Based on a poem by Goethe, this vivid musical depiction of the story attracted the attention of Walt Disney, who cast Mickey Mouse in the role of the young apprentice in his 1940 cartoon masterpiece Fantasia.

For his musical inspiration, Michael Colgrass looked to the writings of Carlos Casteneda, who wrote of his studies with a Yaqui Indian shaman to learn mystical powers that had descended from the Toltecs. Winds of NagualA Musical Fable for Wind Ensemble on the Writings of Carlos Castaneda is an inventive suite of eight movements of some of the most creative musical scoring of the 20th century.


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