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Get Involved in Music Education

Volunteers for the Oregon Symphony Association in Salem play a central role in achieving our goal of providing opportunities for all Oregonians to engage in high quality artistic experiences in music. We look to our volunteers to act as ambassadors for our programs and above all, advocates for arts education. 


Oregon Symphony Association in Salem


SEPTEMBER 27, 2019

Brahms’ Second

Brahms’ jubilant Second evokes the burbling streams and fresh meadows of the Austrian countryside.

Garrick Ohlsson

OCTOBER 25, 2019

Beethoven’s Fifth

Even 200 years after its completion, Beethoven’s Fifth remains the most revered masterpiece in the repertoire.

Johannes Moser

NOVEMBER 1, 2019

Stephen Hough Plays Mendelssohn

The “Genius” grant winner returns to perform Mendelssohn’s Piano Concerto, a hidden gem full of fire and drama.

Stephen Hough

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 $5.00 Discounts at the door of Smith Auditorium the night of the concert with the Oregon Trail card.