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              Had a great conversation on the phone with Wendy Brokaw, host and community outreach coordinator for CCTV, Monday. We want to get a  broadcast done on CCTV about "Salem For All!" and enhance our current "Partnership". Wendy was very enthusiastic and energetic so I think great things can come for it!!! I was thinking of perhaps a "Salem For All!" "Opportunity of the Day! That would reach people! They now have a radio station that will and dimensions to this project!

             Board Members Jonathan Graf and Mark Babson are working on an article for the Salem Business Journal. It will make great contacts for fund raising.

             I'm a folk art oil painter and often refer to the National Gallery of Art's website for great information. Called D.C. today to see if SFA! can "Partner" with them and link our website to theirs. They took my information and said we sound "great" so we'll see if we can get that done!

              We continue to look for people who would like to serve on our Board. It's great fun and we've are very much involved in Salem!

       "Opportunities of the Week!"

       Historic Deepwood Estate

           Monthly Virtual Tea Program
Sign up Now!

Tea time at Deepwood is always a lovely escape from daily stresses. During this time where we are unable to host our traditional teas, we want to continue this integral part of Deepwood in the only way we can at this point in time until in-person teas may resume... virtually! Get your favorite tea cup out of the cupboard, brew a pot of tea and enjoy a tea talk much like guests experience at traditional Deepwood Teas. If you'd like to receive the details on how to join us for Virtual Tea Time just click to sign up for more info.


     Marion County Master Gardener Association
             KBZY 1490 About Gardening

July 23, 2020 @ 8:45 am – 9:00 am 

Marion Polk Food Share – MCMGA Food Sort

Terms of Use

July 28, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm 
Marion Polk Food Share
1660 Salem Industrial Dr NE
Salem, OR 97301

 Brad Brenden

Marion Garden Maintenance

July 29, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 3:00 pm 
Demonstration Garden
3180 Center St NE
Salem, OR 97301





In a new exclusive performance from his home in Nashville, Grammy Award-winning bassist and composer Edgar Meyer and his family and friends will treat us to an evening of classical and crossover music, including a world premiere composed by his son and CMNW Protégé George Meyer. Join us at our Youtube link at 7 pm on Thursday July 23rd, 2020.


(Thursday) 7:00 pm


Many thanks!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity




























































































































             The Holidays are approaching with many exciting low-cost events taking place in "greater Salem". The free art show and concert we're planing with the Charles and Martha Brown Event Center for Nov. 30/ Dec. 1 and holiday baroque music concert is going well. Seven artists have signed on to display their work. From watercolors to oils, from representational to abstract!  Violinist Mark Babson will play the music Sunday afternoon. We're trying to persuade him to play 16th and 17th century holiday music.

             The Grand Tree for the Capitol Building is arriving tomorrow which is exciting. That's the start of the Holiday Season with much holiday music performed by Oregon Choirs.

              Our website is being using a lot throughout the day  which is satisfying for us. Google analytics has calculated our 30 day usage at around for 480 unique visitors. Drupal around 2000. Who knows???

               We think that as Salem grows and more people hear about us our website usage will increase.



















             Today, Allan Pfieffer, who is, by the way, a star at telling people the benefits of volunteering at Marion Polk Foodshare, gave a presentation to the women at the Marion County Jail. Though they were in orange jail clothes, they came across in their interactions no different than the women I sit next to each Sunday at St. Mary's Parish, Shaw! The one slight distinction that might be detected was they "All!" seemed somewhat forlorn.
Who wouldn't be when the majority were facing homelessness and a job search with a record. But, honestly, they are no worse than anybody else but they are caught in very difficult circumstances. I hope that people in 

Salem and Oregon rescue them, to me it seems the truly right thing to do!


The Oregon State Capitol building is hosting a historical dramatization of President Teddy Roosevelt's life October 9. The amazing Oregon Historical Society is involved and it sounds fascinating.
"Salem For All!" agrees with the people that believe Salem should be a "trauma informed" community"!

I'm taking a fall break!

Teddy Roosevelt Historical Tribute Visits the Capitol Oct. 9  

Salem, Ore. –  Teddy Roosevelt’s Oregon Roadshow, a live performance by historical recreator Joe Wiegand, will visit the state capitol for a special event from 10 to 11 a.m. on October 9 in the Senate Chamber as part of a week-long tour of schools and museums sponsored by the Oregon Historical Society and Wells Fargo. This is a free event that is open to the public. Parking around the Capitol is metered.
Wiegand has entertained and educated people of all ages as he traversed thousands of miles throughout the state. This year he will perform at schools, theatres, and museums in Salem, Stayton, Coos Bay, Newport, and Portland. Visit to view the complete schedule.
“I have personally seen ‘Teddy’ perform more than 75 times, yet each time I am blown away by his energy and how he truly embodies our 26th president,” said OHS Executive Director Kerry Tymchuk. “OHS is thrilled to again partner with Wells Fargo to bring this educational experience to schools and historical organizations throughout the region.”
Wiegand has been bringing T.R. to life for years with his unparalleled grasp of history and uncanny resemblance to the famed Rough Rider. His depth of knowledge about the personal anecdotes in Roosevelt’s life make his audiences feel they are truly in the presence of the former U.S. president and adventurer.
“Wells Fargo is celebrating its 167th anniversary this year. We’ve never lost sight of our history and the role Wells Fargo played in our country’s development of the West,” said Tracy Curtis of Portland, a Wells Fargo region bank president. “We’re grateful to the Oregon Historical Society for organizing this unique educational experience. Children and adults alike will delight in seeing our former president come to life.”
An author, naturalist, explorer, soldier, conservationist, and president, Roosevelt’s history is larger than life. His fascinating career boasted many accomplishments, including the creation of Crater Lake National Park in 1902.
“So many of T.R.’s contemporaries testify to the way he entertained audiences with inspirational and humorous stories from his youth, his ranching days, Cuba, and the presidency,” Wiegand said. “I really enjoy sharing T.R.’s funny stories of life in the White House with six kids and telling anecdotes from his many adventures, from bear hunts to the Panama Canal, from Africa to the Amazon.”

Many thanks!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity

Update - 8/21/2019

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            Very happy  that the Oregon State Fair is here "Allmost!", again this year! We often are able to list discounts for Fair admission with different "Partners". Sorry to say not this year. Must say I've entered 5 jams, two folk art oil paintings, and Missy's White Fruitcake. It's a hobby and i have many blue ribbons.
               Former Board member and friend James Bennett had us check an offer for free tickets to museums in the area this Saturday. I checked with the Hallie Ford Music and since school is opening this week they are offering free admission until Sunday.

                We're listing an event from a member of the Salem Theatre Network, the Capitol City Theatre this week! They are located downtown on Liberty St. and offer many comedy and improv events, etc. Some are free, check their website for tickets!

                 The "Salem For All!"  website remains popular and well used. We are contacting strong leading organizations in the community for "Partnerships" and sponsorship. We believe the "Salem For All!" website can be developed in to a very strong community resource for "greater Salem's" "under served"!

                  We continue to work to "Partner" with the Stayton Community Food Bank!

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Michel's news



              We had another powerful DeMuniz Center Presentation today. Gerard Neely, of Salem Alliance Church and I engaged the inmates with "All!" kinds of "Opportunities" Salem Alliance and "greater Salem" offer them. It's no wonder that Salem Alliance is becoming a center of activity with the powerful sense of community they offer. Gerard told the inmates that 50 percent of what is received is put back into the community. Homes and jobs are things they know they clearly need and their spirits were buoyed when we spoke of Marion County's Homelessness Task Force. Finding a job is a huge task for a felon! We talked of building relationships by volunteering, developing resumes, and a community support groups.

              What truly moved them was when I said "Salem For All!" featured the Salem Public Library One Book, One Community project. When I told them about the book's true tale of refugee high school students be coached by some unique teachers and managing to beat the other teams , including MIT's, and win the underwater robotics competition. They  were enthralled. I believe that is a profound and innate dream for us "All!" find someone to lift us from a difficult circumstances and help us win. The inmates were touched. It moved them that "greater Salem" would offer such a great "Opportunity" for free. Also when they heard of the quality of some of our community's great music events, eg., St. Paul's Episcopal Church's Evensong presentation of the  Tallis Scholars in April they were similarly moved with interest!!!!

              This weekend's "Salem For All!"/ACMP Music Play-Ins is going well in it's planing stages. We had one inquiry from " a advanced pianist, with an enormous collection of chamber music" that was interested. The quality of our talent this weekend in "greater Salem" should be very high. From the Camerata Ensemble's string players at the Bush Barn , to Maria Bulkow and local folk musicians, with Paul Toews poems and stories about the Northwest,  at the Charles and Martha Brown House in Stayton, to African drumbeats and bagpipe music at the Woodland Chapel. Treats will be provided for this afternoon of music and community.

                 I believe Jennifer Clake, executive director of the ACMP, and one of the people responsible for this weekends performance of great chamber music around the world, is quite pleased with our "proud and varied" Play-Ins in "greater Salem". I've gotten several very kind e-mails from her in her office on Broadway in New York City!!!! She's looking forward to "seeing the photographs"!

                                                  Opportunity of the Week!

              There's a style of  music for everyone!!!
                  A chamber music play-in will take place Saturday, March 4 from 2:00 pm -5:00 pm at the Salem Art Association's  Bush Barn Gallery upstairs in the Bush Barn. Local chamber musicians and members of the Camerata Ensemble will perform in an informal gathering of musicians. Come see how chamber music is made.
                  Bring an instrument and join in.

                   Treats will be provided.

                                        In Stayton by the canyon.

                                           At the Woodland Chapel on High St.


               Also, Sunday, "Salem For All!" "Partner" Camerata Musica is having a concert at the Louck's Auditorium at the Salem Public Library

Cary Lewis brings us yet another
exciting, offbeat concert


2:30 PM, Sunday, March 5


  • Louis DeMartino, clarinet
  • Adam Trussell, bassoon
  • Cary Lewis, piano


  • Variations in G minor (1894) - William Y. Hurlstone (1876-1906)


  • Trio Pathétique in D minor - Michael Glinka (1804-1857)
    • Allegro moderato
    • Scherzo. Vivacissimo
    • Largo
    • Allegro con spirito


  • Trio in E flat major, Op. 38 - Beethoven
    • Adagio--Allegro co brio
    • Adagio cantabile
    • Tempo di Menuetto
    • Tema con Variazioni
    • Scherzo. Allegro molto e vivace
    • Andante con moto---Presto


Many thanks!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity

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Summer Camp for kids!


                                It's an amazing powerful experience to sit in a room with 14 women who have just been released from prison and now are in jail  to finish their time  and try to persuade them in some way to change their lives. To see them at first sit there and smirk and lean back in their chairs and then once the presentation starts become engaged, lean forward, and become involved. This hour long presentation might be considered a metaphor of what the DeMuniz Resource Center is working to have these women accomplish. Again, it is very powerful to be involved in trying to enable these women to tip the scales in their lives from antisocial living to positive "Opportunity" and productivity. 

                                  They were interested! They asked Yvonne Putsey, Matt Husinger, and me many questions and gratefully thanked us at the end of the presentation. Jack Tally, of the DeMuniz, calls it transformational psychology, and if you ask me helping convicted people  change their lives instead of just locking them up is one of the great discoveries of the 21st century.  DeMuniz is having successes at it, so it can work. What great potential is there to unlock!!!!

                               "Other News",

                                                1. We have a wonderful new "Partner" Young Musicians and Artists Inc., the Northwest's premier summer music and arts camp. It's an excellent program that's been around for 50 years and offers "All!" young talent scholarships, if they and their families  have limited financial means. It's held on campus at Willamette University.

                                                2. The Associated Chamber Music Players inspired Play-In is taking shape. Due to our abilities and resources we changed the format a bit and the Chamber Players will be hosted at the Salem Art Associations Bush Barn or Annex, we will have folk music at the Charles and Martha Brown House in Stayton and World Music at Woodland Chapel. This will be the weekend of March 4th  and 5th. Admission for the event at "All!" venues will be free! And this will be advertised to "underserved" people. OfficeMax is providing posters for the event.

                                                 3. For the month of January 2017 our Drupal statistics page has displayed some amazing statistics for the "Salem For All!" website!- 1960 unique visitors and 3,733 visits those are fabulous results and we hope they truly reflect interest in our "Opportunities' and not shoddy statistic keeping by Drupal. They are exciting though!!!!

                                                  4. Facebook page has 480 Likes through this week.

                                                   5. Many thanks to George Struble and Mark Babson, both accomplished musicians, who have been helping us  recruit local musicians for the Play-Ins.


                    "Opportunity of the Week!"

            Great Music and Art Summer Camp for Kids! -                    YMA 

         See them on the "Salem For All!" website.




All are welcome at YMA


worldYoung Musicians & Artists is committed to providing more equitable access to arts education. Through financial aid programs, community partnerships, diversity training, and recruitment efforts, each summer we create a safe, inclusive, and accessible experience for our entire YMA community.


But the YMA experience goes beyond that. When we say "All are welcome here," we really mean it. This beautiful community includes students, staff, supporters and alumni of so many different backgrounds, races, colors, religions, political beliefs, creeds, genders, gender expressions, ages, national origins, ancestries, disabilities, marital statuses, sexual orientations, and military statuses. Everyone's uniqueness enriches all of our lives.


We love you all. Our doors are open; anyone who chooses to walk through them will always have a home here.




Featured Program: Songwriting



Songwriting is always one of YMA's most popular programs, and when you hear the incredible music these students create and perform, it's easy to see why!


Download the 2016 Songwriting class's album for free today by clicking here, and prepare to have your mind blown!


Led by experienced composer, performer and educator Dana Libonati, students learn the basic techniques and skills used in writing music and lyrics for their own popular songs. In addition to performing during the Performance Showcase toward the end of the camp session, they also have the opportunity to record their songs and can take part in one of the many talent shows at YMA. Songwriting students should be able to play basic chords on the piano and/or guitar.

This is one of our most popular programs and space is limited, so sign up today and reserve your place before it's full! Just head over to to register.



Community Spotlight: Salem for All!


            Many thanks!

            Michael D. Mann
            "Salem For All!"
             Building Community with Opportunity

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Michael's news for All!


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News Update #1

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