In 1946, Jim Read started selling military surplus for deep discounts and Grocery Outlet has been wowing bargain-minded shoppers ever since.  Delivering thrilling deals has become our mission; in fact, it’s led us to become the nation’s largest extreme value grocery retailer. At Grocery Outlet, you’ll find brand-name groceries and farm fresh produce at up to 40-70% off conventional retail prices.

Grocery Outlet Bargain Market exists to save you money. We measure our success by how much you save and we're fanatical about it. How do we keep our prices so low? 1. A producer has excess inventory like packaging changes or manufacturing overruns, so they call us. 2. We help our manufacturer partners by buying their excess inventory and moving it quickly into our stores. 3. We buy these excess products for pennies on the dollar, and pass that savings on to our customers. That's why Grocery Outlet has such amazing deals every day! 4. And unlike the big chains, Grocery Outlet stores are mostly independently owned and operated by local families, so each store has its own local personality


To ensure that the basics – milk, meat, and eggs – are always available at Grocery Outlet, we source them conventionally, like other grocery stores. Because we cannot source these products as excess inventory, the discounts may not be as deep; however, we always price our products at or below the lowest price in town. We think it’s important to provide the basics for your convenience—this way, you save an extra trip, and you know you’re getting the best price.



When shopping at Grocery Outlet, compare our pricing to regular grocery stores’ everyday prices by looking for the “Elsewhere Price” on the item’s sign.  Our prices are not sale prices and there are no gimmicks—they are the same very low price every day.  You will often see savings of up to 50% or more!  We call these deals “WOWs”, because that’s what our customers say when they see them.


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