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Community Action Child Care Resource & Referral

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  Important Links:
  Oregon Department of Education: Early Learning Division

  Become a provider

  Central Background Registry

  Oregon Department of Human Services

Information for providers:

  Central Coordination of Childcare Resource & Referral

  Oregon Center for Career Development

  Inclusive Child Care Program: Help with supports and accommodations in child care.

  MERIT: Explore and Define Your Business, Launch Your Business & Grow Your Business  

  Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub

  Yamhill COunty Care Organization/Yamhill Early Learning Hub

  Child Care Resource & Referral Facebook Page

  Oregon Family Child Care Network Facebook Page

  SPARK: Ready to get Started?


  Children's Institute

  Marion County Health Department

  Polk County Health Department

  Yamhill County Public Health

  Healthy Kids


  National Women's Law Center

  Poison Prevention Resources