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News Update #1 | Salem For All


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News Update #1

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News Update #1



                              Oregon, 21st Century, It isn't fair!


                     Today, Gordon Bergman of the Salem Alliance Church and Jesus Gutierrez of Marion-Polk Foodshare gave fine presentations to the ladies of the DeMuniz Resource Center about their excellent organizations. These presentations focused on the ways these women could participate in a "positive social network" and join a community that enables the to "stay clean", grow as people, and follow their passions. Gordon made a fascinating point that demonstrates how life has treated many of these people so far and:

1. They could have been anyone's daughters.

2. Can our 21st century society allow such hardship to continue?

                     What Gordon said is, and I believe  it's becoming an acknowledged fact, that many of the people who spend time in jail at some point in their lives have gone through some sort of trauma earlier in their lives! How unfair is that! You have a difficult childhood and then when you grow up you spend time in jail.

.                    It really seems that our society in Oregon needs to respond to our disadvantaged citizens in a way that enables them to have decent lives. Being sentenced to suffering from childhood to adulthood doesn't seem right in the modern world.

Other News:

1. We formed a "Partnership" with Musician's Local 99's MEAP project (Music Education Assistance Project) and it's listed on our website.

2. Deb has started her Blog, Deb's Data, about how how sometimes life brings hardship, and importantly, what we can do about it!
    Right now, its about half way down on the "News" page on the right hand side. It's currently a little hard to find.

3. We're working to plan the March 4 and 5 ACMP (Associated Chamber Music Players) International Play-In in "greater Salem .

4. Many thanks to Reverend  Richard Davis, Pastor of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Salem, for his excellent help and many  contacts.

5. We are in discussions with the music director, Sean Paul Mills, of the Salem Philharmonia for a "Partnership" with discounts for the Oregon Trail card for their concerts 

6. Board Meeting, Tuesday night, January 10 at the Salem Public Library in Room 218 from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm. The public is invited!

                                                                                     "Opportunity of the Week!"

Oregon Symphony Association in Salem

Nadia Solerno- Sonnenberg, conductor and violin

Vivaldi- The Four Seasons (complete)

Bizet/Shchedrin: Carmen Suite

Friday, January 6, 8:00 pm

Smith Auditorium Willamette University

20 tickets are available with the $5.00  Oregon Trail discount


Many thanks and Bravo!

Michael D. Mann

"Salem For All!"

Building Community with Opportunity





                 Jennifer Clark, Adam Davis, Capturing a city.

           2016 was a great Christmas! The music at St. Mary's Parish, Shaw, was lovely! We had songs based on French and English Christmas carols and some standards! The church was decorated beautifully and we had great fellowship. That's one of the things I did that made it so nice. I hope "All!" had such a great time!!!! "Salem For All!" continues to move forward. We're still working toward getting back on track with our website and internet presence. Transferring a years worth of information from an obsolete website to a new one is a task and making it "All!" fresh and attractive is not easy. Yet in other areas we are making real progress! Today I spoke with Jennifer Clarke, the Executive Director, of the ACMP (Associate Chamber Music Players)  in New York City. She is very pleased with our projects in "greater Salem" and we believe the ACMP will probably come through with some grants to enable "underserved" kids in our community to attend summer music camps. Neat!!! The gift of music is tremendous  and lasts an enriched  lifetime. Besides producing benefits to the children of the Mozart effect!!!. Salem/Keizer School District has one of the best music programs in Oregon and the director Mary Lou Bodermann  and her secretary Sheila Gebhardt are offering SFA! some help! 

                On another front we are discussing with Adam Davis of "Partner" Oregon Humanities the ways SFA! can engage people in Salem with their Humanities in Perspective "Opportunity". Humanity in Perspective is an 8 month free college course that teaches humanities to  low incomed people. Right now it's in Portland and we are listing it on our website. But perhaps SFA! and Oregon Humanities will find an institutional "Partner" to bring the project to Salem. Willamette University has been contacted.                 

                  As had been said, SFA! is about results. We want to find innovative ways to engage "greater Salem's" underserved. At times it may mean working with two people, sometimes 5, 10 or 50.
We want to make sure in each one of these situations "underserved" people have the "Opportunity" to become engaged in the activity. 

                               Other News:

                                            1. For the month of December SFA's ! website has had 860 Unique Visitors. Over 30 a day so far.

                                            2. The Bush House, Charles and Martha Brown House, and Broadway Commons have been contacted to be venues for the March 4 and 5 Associated Chamber Music Players Play- In. Mark Babson is leading SFA!'s contact with musicians.

                                            3. Next Weds. January 4 Jesus, from Marion Polk Foodshare, and Gordon Bergman from Salem Alliance Church will make the presentations at the DeMuniz Resource Center.

                                             4. Tomorrow I meeting with Rick Davis of the Unitarian Universal Church in Salem to discuss "Salem For All!" and are "Music at non-traditional" venues" project. Rick is one of the leaders of MEAP ( Music Education Assistance Project) in Salem.

                                             5. Another very grateful Many thanks to Bridgeway Recovery and Tim Murphy for their generous donation to SFA!

                                                  Opportunity of the Week!


Matinees for School Closures


school-closed-gfxNo School Today?
Come in Early to Watch a Matinee!
Winter Vacation
Monday, December 19th to Monday, January 2nd

3893 Commercial Street SE


 Many thanks!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity



 Bridgeway, Community, Summer Strings


               Monday evening in the ballroom of the Reed Opera House Bridgeway Recovery held their lovely Holiday dinner. The group that gathered was happy, successful, and motivated. Bridgeway is one of the top five Non-profits to work for in Oregon. They do a fantastic job helping people recovery from addictions and other ailments. Tim Murphy, their CEO has built and excellent healing community in Salem that does great work helping people. It was a true honor and a high compliment when Bridgeway Recovery donated $1000.00 to "Salem For All!". Not only that but the person who presented the award was Rod Caulkin, former Director of the Marion County Health Department,. Rod has put in place so many great programs that it is another huge compliment to know that he would associate and support "Salem For All!".  To have Tim and Rod give us their support is fabulous , they are great managers and leaders.

            The Camerata Ensemble, SFA!'s  associate group provided the music. Again it was lovely and inspiring.

                   What Tim Murphy has done at Bridgeway, "Salem For All!" would like to work towards in "greater Salem". We can't pick and choose who joins the great team, and the Bridgeway people are highly motivated people with keen values to begin with. Yet SFA! can be a source of "Opportunities" that lead toward such purpose, and develop among our "Partners" and espirit that works to welcome and support "All!" in our community, particularly the underserved. Solidarity, is the word that comes to mind as we look for a way to describe our common purpose.

                          Great job Tim!!!! And.... many thanks!


"Other News"

                                                1. SFA! is in discussions and e-mail's with Jennifer Clarke, executive director of the ACMP ( Association of Chamber Music Players) in New York City. SFA! is working to find suitable summer music camps that would use  ACMP grants to provide scholarships to "underserved" kids to attend such camps. One such camp is Salem Youth Phiharmonic's, Jon Harris-Capplinger's, Summer Strings Camp at Leslie Middle School. These scholarships would be just the type of thing "Salem For All!" loves to make available..:

                                     2. Deb is getting the website back in shape after the rebuilt and our daily Visitor statistics seem to regaining the former strength.
We're working to develop the SFA! website into a very useful community resource. Deb should be able to start her Blog soon!!!

                                      3. Next Thursday, I'm meeting with Pastor Rick Davis ,of the Unitarian Universal Church. He works with MEAP (Music Education Assistance Program) in Salem and is interested in SFA!. It will be excellent to get a clergyman's perspective on our projects.

                                   Opportunity of the Week!


                         Historic Elsinore Theatre

                         Wednesday Movie

                         White Christmas (1954) - $6.00

                          Tonight, Dec. 21

                                  Historic Elsinore Theatre
                                  170 High Street SE
                                   Salem, 97301

Many thanks and Happy Holidays!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"

 Building Community with Opportunity

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