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Michael's news for All!


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                 The Salem Library Foundation is sponsoring an exciting "Opportunity"- Oregon Humanities' Conversation Project.

                        1. Thursday, January 26, 7 pm - Community Conversation - Power, Privilege, and Racial Diversity in Oregon
                            Anderson Room, Salem Public Library
                         2. Thursday, February 2, 7 pm - Community Conversation - Where are you from?
                             Anderson Room, Salem Public Library

                         3. Thursday, February 16, 7 pm - Community Conversation - The Space Between Us.

                               Anderson Room, Salem Public Library


Many thanks!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!"
Building Community with Opportunity


 January20, 2017

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                    "Opportunity of the Week!"

            Great Music and Art Summer Camp for Kids! -                    YMA 

         See them on the "Salem For All!" website.




All are welcome at YMA


worldYoung Musicians & Artists is committed to providing more equitable access to arts education. Through financial aid programs, community partnerships, diversity training, and recruitment efforts, each summer we create a safe, inclusive, and accessible experience for our entire YMA community.


But the YMA experience goes beyond that. When we say "All are welcome here," we really mean it. This beautiful community includes students, staff, supporters and alumni of so many different backgrounds, races, colors, religions, political beliefs, creeds, genders, gender expressions, ages, national origins, ancestries, disabilities, marital statuses, sexual orientations, and military statuses. Everyone's uniqueness enriches all of our lives.


We love you all. Our doors are open; anyone who chooses to walk through them will always have a home here.




Featured Program: Songwriting



Songwriting is always one of YMA's most popular programs, and when you hear the incredible music these students create and perform, it's easy to see why!


Download the 2016 Songwriting class's album for free today by clicking here, and prepare to have your mind blown!


Led by experienced composer, performer and educator Dana Libonati, students learn the basic techniques and skills used in writing music and lyrics for their own popular songs. In addition to performing during the Performance Showcase toward the end of the camp session, they also have the opportunity to record their songs and can take part in one of the many talent shows at YMA. Songwriting students should be able to play basic chords on the piano and/or guitar.

This is one of our most popular programs and space is limited, so sign up today and reserve your place before it's full! Just head over to to register.



Community Spotlight: Salem for All!


            Many thanks!

            Michael D. Mann
            "Salem For All!"
             Building Community with Opportunity


          When you consider what goes on in a community like "greater Salem" in a week,  it can be very surprising. When it comes right down to it the answer is "A lot" !! From churches, to concert halls, to taverns, to theatres , to historic sites , to non-profits  etc. "greater Salem" has a very active cultural life. It's wonderful what people find to offer others in the community. Today, I spoke with Kate, executive director, of the Salem Library Foundation (a new "Partner") and viewed their Facebook page. The library is presenting some truly wonderful "Opportunities" in the next couple of months with their Salem Reads Project. "Salem For All!" is reaching out to the "underserved" and letting them know whats available to them ,with this and "All!" our other "Partners" "Opportunities" . We want to be the umbrella resource for anybody that would like to find something meaningful and fulfilling to day and doesn't want to spend much money

         Also, today,  I spoke with Adam Davis, of Oregon Humanities, whose Conversation Project is one of the events featured by the library. Also, Adam, is considering  bringing Humanities in Perspective to Salem. Funding  is from the federal government's Endowment for the Humanities and the new administration in Washington D.C. will have an impact on the funding and feasibility of the project. But... it's a great chance for "underserved" people to pick up fine  college credits for free. It's currently available in Portland and is listed on our website with an application. We'll find out more about the federal funding in April.

           Mark Babson and I are working with the Charles and Martha Brown House, the Salem Art Association, and the Woodland Chapel to develop our March 4 Associated Chamber Music Players Play-In at those venues. Mark is contacting musicians around "greater Salem" to stop in at those places and play music. It should be a lovely day for the community and the musicians.   

                            Other news:

                               1. Website Unique Visitor statistics are strong for the first half of January 2017. Through the 17th we've had 1030 Unique Visitors and over 1500 Visits (people viewing the website more than once.)

                               2. Forwarded a wonderful e-mail from the National Book Foundation to the DeMuniz Resource Center staff. It told of a book club in the jail in Washington D.C. that teaches positive skills and changes inmate attitudes about themselves through a book club for them. The DeMuniz is doing great things. This might be another perhaps. 

                               3. Facebook page Likes are at 470 and approaching 500, thanks Jonathan Graf.         

                                                     "Opportunity of the Week!"

                               Salem Poetry Project

                               Reading and Open Mic

                                        Vicky Falcon Vazquez

                                                      January 19, 7 -8:30pm

Born in Guanajuato, Mexico moved to the United States at seven, Vicky Falcón Vázquez’s poetry crosses boundaries. Artistically, Falcón Vázquez, has appeared in plays such as Solo, Una Voz (One Voice) and the Vagina Monologues in Spanish; and in art projects on radio, television and art installations. Soon her first poetry book titled "Trazos de mí"(Traces of Me) will be released.

Our hosts, The Barrel & Keg, feature a wide variety of beverages and the food pod in the back has a rotating menu of options for dinner!

Featured reader begins at 7:00 and the open mic will directly follow.


                 Barrel and Keg

                  1190 Broadway St. NE

Many thanks!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!


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          Working to build a humane  and compassionate community is a big project. SFA! has come across many, many groups that provide meaning, fulfilling and sometimes essential services to "greater Salem". It's not one size fits "All!". In "greater Salem" there are many micro-communities that have lives of their own. This week we talked to a person who worked for the immigrant and refugee community in Salem. We offered them a chance to participate in the March 4 and March 5 Associated Chamber Music Players Play-In. Our reasoning was that of the 100 refugees in Salem some of them  or their contacts would be musicians and perhaps a Play-In would offer friendship, comradery and fun. For these displaced people it enables them to share something universal- music.

          The snow disrupted an appointment I had this week with Sarah Tideimann, Executive Director, of Young Musicians and Artists. It's a fabulous arts camp in Portland and the Wallas, and if we can, we will work to get scholarships for some of Salem's underserved kids to it. It could be a life changing experience for them. We're also working to get grants for, Summer Strings, Jon Harris-Cappinger's music camp at Leslie Middle School.

           Ross Sutherland of the Bush House e-mailed that the SAA  is willing to be a venue for the ACMP Play- In as did the Charles and Martha Brown House in Stayton and the Woodland Chapel. We're trying to find venues for the underserved, the usual music goers and a special venue for musicians who just want to play chamber music with musicians. Mark Babson is leading the effort to engage the musicians.

          A special thanks to Carol Z. of the Santiam Heritage Foundation for helping oil the wheels of community up East of Salem.

          A sad note: longtime Board Member and Secretary James Bennett is resigning his position. James had made a huge contribution to in over three years. I believe he has a great future in Human Services. His work was thorough and his insights very valuable. He has excellent compassion.

Jonathan Graf is going to set up a Twitter account so we can Twitt as we list things on our Facebook page.

Other News:

1. Mark Babson was unanimously voted to the Board at the Board Meeting last night. Mark brings many community and musical contacts to the Board.

2. Our grant application is in at the Salem Foundation. We're waiting to hear.

Opportunity of the Week!

Salem Public Library

Community Reads:

One Book, One Community is a community reads project that invites everyone in Salem to come  together to read the same book, take part in discussions, and enjoy related programs throughout the month of February 2017.


The Salem Public Library Foundation has more information at

Events are also listed on the Salem Public Library website on the Salem Reads page. 

The Salem Reads:One Book, One Community Spare Parts book giveaway has been rescheduled to Sunday, January 22, 2017.

Many thanks!

Michael D. Mann
"Salem For All!
Building Community with Opportunity


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