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Sarah Tancred: From Scratch

May 5-June 24
Bush Barn Art Center
600 Mission St. SE Salem


Sarah Tancred will showcase a selection of work in the Alcove Gallery at the Bush Barn Art Center in Salem.

My work primarily focuses on domestic objects used or made by women in the post-World War II home. This work is intended to investigate the dynamic of the women’s role during this era, while also commemorating the societal expectation of being a both a workingwoman, mother and a caretaker of the home. I do this by utilizing objects that are stereotypical staples of the mid-century American home. I draw inspiration from advertising, prescriptive literature and Americana, specifically referencing everyday objects or common chores and responsibilities of women during this time period. The objects I choose to employ reference popular symbols of American culture that continue to resonate today.

My choice to use porcelain as the primary medium with this work ultimately reflects my desire to conceptually elevate objects that would otherwise considered ordinary. My intention is to remove these objects from their original context while also omitting the functionality. I hope this will allow the viewer to embrace the content of the original objects rather than being focused on the idea of using them. Like much of my previous work, I aim to create an environment that will potentially critique socially constructed gender roles, while also questioning how much these constructions have changed over time.

From Scratch is the beginning of a new project researching food cultural identity, specifically in reference to the communal aspect of cooking and how this relates to the familial dynamic as traditions are passed on to the next generation. This project is inspired by the current political climate to celebrate cultural diversity by visually articulating various aspects of my own heritage. Through this body of work, I aim to celebrate diversity and to create an awareness of the fact that most of us are descendants of immigrants and our differences should be viewed as a positive aspect of this country.




Studio Art Quilt Associates: Bridge

May 5-June 24
Bush Barn Art Center
600 Mission St. SE Salem


Oregon is a state filled with bridges ranging from the mythological Bridge of the Gods to the contemporary Tilikum Crossing. The concept of “Bridge”, though, is much broader. A bridge can be the symbolic image of chrysalis to butterfly. Bridges are a connection and a link. They are bonds and pathways—both physical and emotional—between people and things. A bridge joins and unites. It spans time and traverses space. It reconciles differences creating harmony. It represents progress, stability, hope and transition. Studio Art Quilt Associates invited artists to submit work that reflects the theme of “Bridge” either in a representational or abstract interpretation. The concept is executed by the artists using a diverse range of fiber techniques.


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