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"Our mission at Gilbert House Children’s Museum is “inspiring children to learn through creative play”

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Camps and workshops at the Gilbert House utilize a hands-on, inquiry-based approach. Experienced educators guide all the learning opportunities. Our staff, our methods and our environment create the perfect combination for a fantastic experience. Camps are designed to be fun, creative and original as we highlight the best of what Gilbert House Children’s Museum has to offer.

Classes are offered throughout the year during summer and school breaks, such as winter break and spring break. Check out our event calendar to see upcoming classes and camps.

The Gilbert House Children’s Museum is a private nonprofit 501(c)(3) children’s museum connected to downtown Salem’s Riverfront Park.

Founded in 1989, Gilbert House Children’s Museum is named after Salem native, A.C. Gilbert. Gilbert was a scholar, inventor, Olympic athlete and gold medalist, entrepreneur, magician, and so much more. Gilbert’s famous Erector Sets were the inspiration for our giant outdoor Erector Set, the highlight of our 20,000 ft² Outdoor Discovery Area.

Gilbert House Children’s Museum provides innovative and stimulating educational experiences which spark children’s natural curiosity.

The Museum’s mission is to “inspire children to learn through creative play.” This is accomplished through 15 fun and challenging hands-on exhibits, Outdoor Discovery Area, camps, birthday parties, field trips, membership opportunities and educational programs in the sciences, arts, and humanities.

The Museum is composed of three historic houses; the Rockenfield House, Gilbert House and Parrish House.

Legacy of Play:

February, 19th, 10 AM – 2 PM (Falls on President’s day of each year)

Gilbert House Children’s Museum is named after Salem-born A.C. Gilbert. Gilbert was a scholar, inventor, Olympic athlete and gold medalist, entrepreneur, magician, and so much more.  He left the world a legacy of play through a variety of inventions including magic sets, toys, and his famous Erector Sets, which inspired our 20,000 ft² Outdoor Discovery Area.

Our Legacy of Play Day is a FREE admission day at Gilbert House Children’s Museum and we are offering A.C. Gilbert’s spirit of tinkering, engagement, and discovery to all of our guests by inviting the makers, tinkerers, and innovators of our community to share their expertise and trade. We hope this event will celebrate and contribute to building and strengthening a culture of innovation and play in our community.

ACCESS Membership Program:

Gilbert House Children's Museum offers reduced cost memberships thanks to funding through grants and the generous support of our donors. This opportunity is available to lower income families living within a 25 mile radius of Gilbert House. This yearly membership is $40 (more than half off the regular price membership) and includes unlimited admission for two named adults and up to four children and discounts on camps, classes, birthday parties and in the Gift Shop.

This link includes more information regarding our memberships, in general:

This webpage also include a link to the form to be filled out for an ACCESS membership:


Members: Free

General (ages 3-59): $8

Seniors (60+): $6

Toddlers (ages 1 & 2): $4

Children under 1: Free

Samantha Bowdoin

Promotions Coordinator

Gilbert House Children’s Museum

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